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Never Too Early to Prepare for the Blackout Holiday of the Year

It goes by a couple different names around these US of A’s.  Green Beer Day here in Oxford, Saint Splatty’s at PSU, and Saint Patricks Day for the rest of the Civilized World, but who the fuck wants to be part of that?  If you think its too early to get your gear for the event, you are a savage plain and simple and should leave this page.  Look at it this way, power rankings of drinking holidays coming up.  

1.  4th of July- Murica

2.  Green Beer Day

3. NYE

4.  Cinco de Blackout

5.  Oktoberfest

There’s the list, taken from experience.  Trust me I’m a professional.  And if you don’t want to look like an idiot this year I suggest you check out the links:

Enjoy the day, black out, get laid, but stay safe gents.  

P.S. That Skip Class Get Drunk Johnny Football T is on fire this year.  



Richard Sherman IS a thug.. Seattle to Lose Superbowl

Look, I’m not against expressing real emotions during interviews and am a HUGE supporter of players being mic’d up and actually getting the NFL experience.  But like this story, race is hot right now.  I don’t get it, a bunch of athletes are deflecting criticism of their actions and maturity by using race as a scapegoat.  Richard Sherman has not come out and said,

“The only reason it bothers me is because it seems like it’s the accepted way of calling somebody the N-word nowadays. Because they know.”- Deadspin (Barstool Jr.)

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Andre Williams Super Mario

Haven’t posted in a while.  But this video is going viral right and I’m going to hop on the train while the getting’s good.

True Life: I Just got Gronk Spiked right out of the Playoffs

Fantasy Football givith and it taketh away.  Start off a cool 3-0.  Top of the world thinking I’ve got money in the bank.  Mike Wallace (6th pick) gets ice cold, Roddy White (3nd pick) just scored his first touchdown this week.  CJ2k (2nd Pick) has 2 games over ten points.  Eli Manning (5th pick) is still eating his own boogers this far into the season.  And Alfred Morris, the first rounder I never wanted gets half the points Shady Mccoy has.  Right there I am already facing an uphill battle in my 18 person league.  Drop the next 5 games.  Finally I turn it around after my team becomes a figurative and literal factory of sadness.  Win the next 2 games and I see the playoffs.  Just need to get 6-5.  I’m projected to win by 7, think I have it locked down when CJ gets 20 points.  And who cuckolds me other than Bobby Rainey, just dropping 34 on my head.  From there I was down 6 with Gostkowski against Gronkowski.  And this is what happens…

Right in my eyeball


Friday 4 Song: 4 song playlist to propel your blackout

Name of the game: After you finish  whatever unfortunate productive commitments you have today, you put these four songs into a looped playlist. Invite your buds and lady friends over and have a BYOF (Bring Your Own Fifth) party.  Guaranteed no one has any clue how much time passes before your train departs for blackout city.

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It’s Friday and a Great Day for Pittsburgh Baseball


So the Pirates have been a mockery of the MLB for 20 years.  We also made the playoffs this year and made one hell of a run  against the Cardinals.  Sure we weren’t a “great” team, but somehow we found a way to win games against teams who were better than us.  Enter Andrew McCutchen, the hero we needed.  Put the whole offense on his back, never embarrassed the club, increased jersey sales by 1000%, and was clutch at all the right times.  He won the NL MVP yesterday with 28 of 30 1st place votes.  Yadier Molina who?  A big thanks to the Pirates organization for turning things around this season, and especially to Andrew McCutchen, the most valuable player in the league.  Money in the bank after the jump.

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underthecuff face slap.

MFK: Minority Model Edition

Lots of racism garbage in the media lately.  TheGCDaily is all about promoting our love for all peoples, cultures, and sexy.  So for today’s rundown we are going with ethnic models, hottest asian, black, and latina models in the game right now are duking it out for your heart.

Naomi Campbell:


2 naomi-campbell-sexy-pinko-ad-5

Legs for days.

Adriana Lima:

3 1 4


Lighter Fluid.  VS Model.  Nuclear Deterrent.

Fei Fei Sun:


fei fei sun v-2 sui he harper bazaar 2


Asian Culture is kind of bizzare so it took a while to find relatively normal pictures of her.  But she’s class class class.

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Clooney Ruined Leo’s Birthday

“George Clooney and his friends are way better at basketball than Leonardo DiCaprio and his friends. Clooney isn’t sure why that is, but he thinks maybe it’s because he’s a better person than Leo? He’s just putting that out there.

The two movie stars have regular basketball games with their buddies, and one time the two posses decided to have a friendly match. Leo felt compelled to warn Clooney that he was in for some stiff competition. “You know, we’re pretty serious,” Clooney says Leo told him.

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